What are the risks/issues associated with repairing a recession of nasal wall by filling with free-diced cartridge?

I recently underwent my 3rd revision rhinoplasty. During the 2nd revision surgery nasal bone was shaved on the left side and this resulted in a recession of the left nasal bone. The Dr. recommended filling the recession with free-diced rib cartridge in a close...read more

silke mc 14/05/2017 SA

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Not happy with tip

I had rhinoplasty 1 year ago to straighten my broken nose and collapsed left tip/nostril I was only made aware after surgery that my surgeon did not use anything other than my own cartlidge ect I made it clear I wanted my nose straightened and tip reduced so a...read more

Jimmy darlz 20/08/2016 QLD

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Rhinoplasty Revision on tip

I had a rhinoplasty in 2013, I was left unhappy as I feel I have a large tip that hangs low with the top of my nose removed to leave a swoop. I originally thought it was swelling at the tip however, after years my tip never became smaller. I'm currently loo...read more

parisandlondon84 08/08/2016 QLD

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Revision Rhinoplasty

Hi there, When I was 20 I had a rhinoplasty (6 years ago) since then my nose has been wonky in photos and I can't breathe as well as before. I won't name the surgeon however I have no had a consult with dr tuan Pham and he has told me I've now got a deviated ...read more

RoxyWA 18/07/2016 WA

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Looking for a surgeon for revision rhinoplasty

My background is Initial Rhinoplasty 20 years ago in Perth with Dr Fiona Stanley Revision Rhinoplasty in conjunction with Breast Aug 2005 with Dr Mark Duncan Smith, was not unhappy with initial operation – just after some further refining Revision Rhinoplast...read more

Sel0303 26/06/2016 NT

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Surgery on soft thick tissue?

I had a Rhinoplasty done about 10 years ago. The change was very minimal and I was not happy with the outcome. Now I feel my nose is not symmetrical,and there is a visible scar on the left hand side. I saw a plastic surgeon in Brisbane and he would not opera...read more

Anne70 26/02/2016 QLD

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Help. Over Resected Nose

I've had the worst possible rhinoplasty. I made the mistake of not going to a Plastic Surgeon. My nose has been over resected, leaving me with a scooped out narrow bumpy bridge. It's shapeless under the projected tip and overall it's an extremely unattractive ...read more

Eli 13/02/2016 NSW

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Contracted Short Nose

I'm looking for a reconstructive rhinoplasty specialist for a contracted short nose. I have had several surgeries to try and correct this and whilst the last surgeon did a great job for his experience I am seeking an expert. I am happy to travel, have realis...read more

GuestPerth 11/02/2016 Australia

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Alar base reduction/hanging columella/more definition.

I had a rhinoplasty 6 years ago to change the shape of my nose from the side. The surgeon also took some cartilage from the tip. In doing this it has accentuated a problem I had before (which was not noticeable before) where one of my nostrils now looks slight...read more

taurus 01/01/2016 New Zealand

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