Do I have tuberous breasts? Cab implants fix the shape and un-eveness? Who to see in Brisbane?

I’ve been wanting to get breast implants for years as I always hated the size and shape of my breasts. My breasts are uneven in shape and size. One seems slightly deformed and also has a weird larger nipple. While researching breast augmentation and more

Anonymous 10/01/2019 QLD

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Do I have tuberous breast deformity?

I am a 19 year old female and my breasts are super odd and I am considering surgery I’m not sure what this is but it looks ridiculous. I don’t know if I’m a late bloomer or if my hormones are off. The only thing I seem to be low in is sex binding more

Anonymous 18/02/2018 Australia

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Recomended procedure required? Severity of tuberous breast ? :-( Rough idea on prices ?

Wanting opinions on the procedures you believe i require, how severe is my case? Will my nipples need to be adjusted? What is a rough idea on costs involved?

Kaaybee 13/02/2017 NSW

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Best Surgeon? Price?

Hi, So i have recently contacted a few surgeons and have been told from some that i have Tuberous breasts and as you can see from the photos uneven breast. I have been quoted around 16k and wondering who is the best Surgeon to go to and cheaper prices?

tamara.lees 01/10/2016 NSW

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Uneven breasts

Will this be easily fixed when i get my procedure? there is a significant difference in my breasts and im just worried i will be wasting my money if i attempt to fix them.

georgialilith 21/09/2016 NSW

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Am I Tuberous?

Hi. I am in need of help. From a young age I have always hated my breast as I have small boobs and one breast that is bigger than the other.Everyone kept telling me it was normal and it happens to a lot of people. I was picked on in school years, and more

loz87 15/02/2016 QLD

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What degree of tuberous breast do I have?

Hello. For years now my breasts have made me miserable. I think I have tuberous breasts but I'm not sure what degree I have. Mild/severe? Do I have to have a life aswell as implants? What is the rough cost of this procedure? What is the recovery time? Someone more

Melsue 29/01/2016 QLD

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Best outcome and surgeon to do the procedure

I just want to know who the best surgeon would be to correct my breasts, one is tuberous and the other is small. I would just like to have them natural looking and proportional with my body. I am finding it hard to find good before and after photos on more

Goldcoastgirl 26/11/2015 QLD

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