I'm not sure what procedure I require?

I had a breast lift over 10 years ago and I am left with a mess. The scaring is incredibly noticeable. One nipple is bigger than the other. The areola area is uneven on both side. One side sits higher then the other. I also require breast implants due to weight loss and age. To have this "mess" fixed do I require reconstructive surgery?

Sophie Coco January 24th, 2016 QLD

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    Mr Dean Trotter

    Dean Trotter

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    Victoria, Australia

    Hi Sophie, 
    Thanks for your question.  I'm sorry that you feel that your breasts are a "mess" but it is likely there are solutions to your concerns.
    It sounds like you would like surgery to correct asymmetry and implants to restore volume.  Technically this is not reconstructive surgery - this term is usually applies to procedures to rebuild structures following their removal.  For instance reconstruction of a breast with tissue or an implant following a mastectomy.  What you are describing would generally be considered cosmetic surgery.  That doesn't mean it is any less important, simply a way of classifying surgeries.
    The distinction between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is definitely artificial so your question is very reasonable.  In fact, many procedures considered "cosmetic" utilise "reconstructive" techniques and vice versa.  This is well understood by the Australasian College of Surgeons - in order to become a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Australia (FRACS qualification) you must demonstrate proficiency in both reconstructive and cosmetic techniques.
    From what you describe, you may be a candidate for an augmentation mastopexy.  This procedure will allow revision of your scars, a breast lift, symmetrisation of the nipple and areola complex, and addition of implants to increase volume and fullness.
    I suggest you arrange an in person consultation with an experienced FRACS qualified Plastic Surgeon who can explain your options and the costs involved.
    Kind regards,