Round or Teardrop - Dual or Under?

Hi everyone, I am looking to have BA early this year. I am wanting some opinions on what would suit my body shape in regards to placement and shape, I'm approx. 165cms in height and approx. 56kgs weight with slightly broad shoulders. I enjoy my exercise & cardio and also hope to have my first child later next year (I'm nearly 32 years old) Any feedback and information is greatly appreciated. Please see my 'before' BA photos I have taken. Thank you.

ARI-GOLD January 27th, 2016 VIC

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     Ellis Choy

    Ellis Choy

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    Plastic Surgeon
    New South Wales, Australia

    Hi there,
    Congratulations on your decision in your upcoming breast augmentation sometime this year!
    Judging from the photos you supplied and your desired surgical outcome for your particular body shape and active lifestyle, I personally favour tear drop/anatomical shaped implants with a dual plane pocket placement in achieving a natural looking proportional results in your scenario. 
    In addition to the aesthetic reasons mentioned above, the firmer "cohesive" consistency in tear drop silicone implants allows better shape retention especially when it comes to your potential pregnancy plan and the dual plane pocket technique have less interference with the breast tissue plane dissection in limiting interference with your breast feeding ability. 
    Hope that helps.
    Best wishes
    Ellis Choy