Breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck and eyes.

Hi, I am wondering if a BA, BL, eyelids and tummy tuck would be to much for all to happen at one go? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Meeks February 1st, 2016 NSW

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     Sam Cunneen

    Sam Cunneen

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    Plastic Surgeon
    Western Australia, Australia

    Dear Meeks,thank you for your question.
    I think it's a valid concern that the amount of surgery you are looking to undertake is significant. Whether it is too much really depends on your health otherwise and how much work needs to be performed on your breasts and abdomen. If they are relatively 'routine' lifts and tucks and you are in perfect health, then I am generally happy to perform all of that surgery in one sitting. This is a personal choice though and it really comes down to a discussion between your chosen surgeon and you.
    Be aware that the more surgery you have at one stage the longer your recovery and the more risks you face from a prolonged anaesthetic. Your surgeon will be able to discuss this with you in detail though. 
    I hope that is helpful. All the best on your makeover, I'm sure you will be a new woman after all that!
    SincerelyDr Sam CunneenPlastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
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    Dr. Alex Phoon

    Alex Phoon

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    Plastic Surgeon
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    Hello Meeks,
     Having a breast procedure, in combination with a tummy procedure, is one of the most commonly performed combined operations. This is of course assuming you are pretty fit and well in the first place but for most people this is not really an issue.
    Adding eyelids to the mix will increase the length of time a little bit but would normally be fine to do as well. I personally don't like combining thigh and arm procedures at the same time as breast and body work as the recovery process can be quite taxing and the complication rate (minor and major) does start to rise. 
    There are some additional risks when surgery becomes extended over a longer time. Complications such as a slightly higher infection rate can sometimes go up but if you are being operated on by an efficient and highly qualified team in a accredited hospital facility your team will anticipate these factors in advance.
    Having these procedures at the same time makes obvious sense with respect to time off work etc.
    Feel free to send through some photos if you like to and I can give you a more informed opinion. Of course the best way to get the most accurate information is to call us on 1300669488. We're always happy to accomodate patients from the forum.
    Best regards,