Why do my scars look like this 6 months post op?

I am wondering why my scars look so red and large at 6 months PO? I'm still putting Strataderm on them everyday & have followed all my surgeons instructions for PO care since day 1. Is there something else you can suggest I put on them or what I can do to make them better?I can see the thin scar under some parts of the redness. Can I get Fraxel laser like some people have suggested? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I went 330cc round unders. I was a 12a/b before my BA. Thank you

Bailey February 1st, 2016 NSW

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    Mr Dean Trotter

    Dean Trotter

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    Plastic Surgeon
    Victoria, Australia

    Hi Bailey,
    Thanks for your questions and photos.  
    You scars are still quite active which is why they are red or raised.  Most likely, you have a hypertrophic scar.  This is where excessive collagen is formed and the scar becomes thick and raised.  Fortunately it tends to settle down with time in most cases.  Some treatments may help speed up this process.  
    Scars such as this generally respond well to corticosteroid injection into the scar.  Pulsed dye laser, silicon tapes/gels, dry needling, pressure dressings, massage and surgery are other options which can be successful.
    I suggest you contact your surgeon for specific advice and treatment.  In the meantime continue to massage with strataderm or apply a silicon tape.
    Kind regards,