Are my breasts too far gone and what procedures do I need to achieve my desired outcome?

I'm 38 and have breast fed all 3 of my children the youngest being 10. I haven't had previous surgeries. I live near the Gold Coast and am willing to travel for the right surgeon.. In taking these photos I've noticed the size difference in my breasts has increased being that my left is looking smaller than the right. Perhaps it's due to gaining weight and now getting the weight off. Trying hard anyway, lol. My dream result is to have size D-DD, side boob and a round (not stuck on) natural, full U shape if that makes sense? I definitely don't expect perfect just improved... And a lot bigger, lol. Is this possible with what I have? I would love to hear your suggestions.

Kimi G February 2nd, 2016 NSW

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    Mr Dean Trotter

    Dean Trotter

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    Hi Kimi,Thanks very much for your questions and photos.
    No, I don't think your breast are "too far gone".  I think you can obtain the results you are looking for but most likely you will need to compromise to some degree with one of your goals, most likely your desire to be natural.  Your other wishes are all similar and are possible with significantly increasing the breast volume and improving the shape.
    I think for best results you need a breast lift and an augmentation.  As you point out you have noticeable asymmetry - lifting and slightly reducing the right breast more than the left will address this.
    A round or shaped implant are options for your augmentation and either can provide the volume and projection you are seeking.
    You could elect to have an augmentation mastopexy to try to and achieve all your goals in one procedure or decide to stage the procedures.  In general an augmentation mastopexy saves time and money but has a higher risk of complications and revisional surgery.  This is because the procedure is trying to achieve in one operation (i.e. increase volume, decrease skin envelope and reshape the breast tissue) what is often achieved in two separate procedures (such as an augmentation followed by a mastopexy some time later).   If you have an augmentation only you may find you are happy with the results and can delay the mastopexy indefinitely.  I think this unlikely however and most likely to get your dream results a mastopexy will be needed.
    I hope this answer helps you.  For best advice I suggest you consult a plastic surgeon in person who can give you specific advice and go over in detail the pros and cons of each approach.
    All the best,