Rippling under my breast

Hi. I had my breast implants removed and replaced. I went from 11yo 360cc implants to 605cc implants 8wks ago. Under my right breast I get quite bulgy rippling. It has become a little worse since week 2. It becomes even more noticeable after I take off my sports tops. Will this improve over time as it's starting to concern me? When I queried my ps about rippling before this op he said with the size I was going it shouldn't be a problem.

Bizzybee February 12th, 2016 QLD

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    Mr Kourosh Tavakoli

    Kourosh Tavakoli

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    Plastic Surgeon
    New South Wales, Australia

    Dear Bizzybee,

    Thank you for your question. Rippling can be fairly common post breast augmentation and can be seen or felt when the surface of an implant becomes apparent through the tissue and skin. It is commonly found when the amount of breast tissue covering the implant is thin. Other factors that can make rippling more apparent are the position of the breast implants (ie submuscular or sub glandular) and the type of implants used.

    I would advise to wait for your body to recover fully from the surgery before discussing any possibility of correcting the rippling. For slender girls, weight gain is usually very helpful. If the degree of rippling is extremely high, the use of an allograft or fat grafting procedure can be used to disguise the rippling at a later date.

    Kind Regards,

    Dr Tavakoli