Would you recommend a Breast lift and Implants or would just Implants be suitable

Hi I have breastfed 2 children and lost over 55 kilo's with hard work and super determination. I have been wanting to have breast augmentation surgery for many many years and I am finally in a financial position to do so. I currently wear size 12D sports bra's as they are the only thing that hold my deflated breasts in place. I would like to be able to wear a DD or bigger. Would you recommend doing implants alone (perhaps 650cc) or would a lift and implant be required to achieve my desired results? If a lift is needed that would be fine as scarring does not worry me at all. I would be concerned though if the surgery had to be a two stage process. Many thanks for your time!

sparkles16 May 24th, 2016 NSW

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     Jeremy Hunt

    Jeremy Hunt

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    Plastic Surgeon
    New South Wales, Australia

    The answer to your question will honestly be - what result are you after? if you think along the lines that an implant will increase the cup size, but not lift the breast- then an implant alone will give a fuller cup in  lower position than if a lift was used as well.
    If when you think of the result you are after , you lift the breast tissue up when describing that result,  I suspect a lift will be the best option with an implant as well
    All of this though pends a consultation when dimensions and your frame can be considered and then a fully informed opinion can be given , but I hope that is of some help
    All the best
    Jeremy hunt
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    Dr. Raymond Goh

    Raymond Goh

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    Hi Sparkles16. Thank you for posting your question and photos.
    Judging from your photos, you have a significant degree of ptosis (droop). I think you would benefit most from a lift with an implant, if you wish to go bigger in volume. My opinion is that if you use implants alone, especially if placed in a pocket under the pectoral muscles, your native breast tissue is at risk of falling over the implants. This will give a very undesirable result, and is likely to require a further lift procedure. 
    I hope this information is of help.
    Warm regards,
    Dr Ray Goh