Should I have different cc implants?

Hi, similar to a recent enquiry but pre-surgery. I have asymmetrical breasts and assumed in surgery I would have some of this evened up with different cc implants used. However after a consult with a surgeon I was told this isn't the case & the same size cc would be used (between 300-350cc in both) even though the different sizes were measured & acknowledged. Why is this? Is this just surgeon preference or can different sizes be used? I'm worried the difference in volume will be extra obvious and that will bother me as much as having smaller breasts. The smaller (right) breast also seems to droop more. You can really tell the difference in volume if I bend over. Thank you

MissE June 17th, 2016 WA

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    Mr Dean Trotter

    Dean Trotter

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    Plastic Surgeon
    Victoria, Australia

    Thanks for your question,
    Unfortunately I can't see both your breasts in the photos so I can only answer in general terms.
    Usually, unless there is significant breast asymmetry (half a cup or more), most surgeons won't insert different sized implants.  This is for a number of reasons:  
    Firstly, different implants have different dimensions.  If only a small difference in volume, i.e. 25cc, then the difference might only be a few millimetres, however if a big difference, it could be a difference of centimetres.  This difference is in all dimensions, i.e. both base width and projection.  Therefore, inserting different implants can actually create asymmetry rather than correct it.  
    Secondly, once an implant is inserted, the proportion of asymmetry is less because the added volume will correct some of the asymmetry.  For example, if the volume of the breasts are 150 and 175cc pre-operatively, then the volume asymmetry is 25cc (17% difference) .  If a 300cc implant is inserted, then the post operative volume would be 450 and 475cc, but the asymmetry is still only 25cc (6% difference).    
    Therefore, careful planning when choosing your implants is required.  A 3D scan (Vectra for example) is very helpful in this regard.
    There are certain circumstances where different implants are very useful, for example with tuberous breasts or in reconstructive breast surgery, however if simply a volume rather than shape asymmetry, different implants may not be necessary and can even be problematic.
    All the best with your surgery.
    Kind regards,

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    Dr. Raymond Goh

    Raymond Goh

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    Hi Misse.
    Thank you for your question regarding breast asymmetry. From the photograph provided, I cannot see the difference between the two breasts, so I can only comment in principle.
    In general, if the difference in breast size is minimal, then the same sized implants should be used, in order to be consistent with implant dimensions. Different sized and dimensioned implants will behave differently and look different, and this can potentially create a new form of asymmetry. If the shape is different, then techniques such as a breast lift or customised dual-plane pocket creation can aid in minimising the asymmetry.   
    All the very best.
    Dr Ray GohValley Plastic Surgery