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In late 2013 I had anatomical brazilian implants. I was after a very natural look, so I had short tear-drop shaped implants inserted to achieve a slight concave curve at the top of my breast, but the result was the opposite, with most of the bulk above the nipple. I've recently been told by the surgeon that the brazilian must have adhered too high on my chest wall after surgery. He said that I must have strong muscles pulling the implant up, which is unusual because during the surgery he cuts the muscles to avoid that happening, but with me it didn't work. He has suggested taking out the implant but leaving the coating inside my body, and putting a soft, smooth, round implant inside the old shell. He says this will provide my new smooth implants with protection from capsular contracture. One of my concerns is that the new round implant will have more height than the existing shell (as it was made for a short implant). I'm worried that this might distort the shape of the new implant giving me an unnatural shape. My surgeon says that he is hoping that the weight of the new implant will stretch the shell, and because the implant is smooth (and therefore shouldn't stick to my body), it will hopefully drop lower to create more bulk at the bottom, and therefore a nicer shape. Another of my concerns is that a round implant won't give me the natural shape I want. My surgeon says that it may not be exactly what I want but if he takes the brazilian shell out and replaces it with a textured tear drop implant, the new implant could just stick too high again. And if he gives me a smooth tear drop implant there is the possibility of it rotating. I have also heard that it is difficult to take out the shell after it has been inside the body for a long time and that removing it can also remove some breast tissue. I'm very nervous and unsure of what to do. I want to get rid of these implants that have such a heavy matronly look about them, but I don't know the best way forward to give me a natural result. Any advice would be extremely appreciated!!!

merlin June 17th, 2016 Australia

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    Dr. Raymond Goh

    Raymond Goh

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    Hi Merlin.
    Sorry to hear of your dilemmas post breast augmentation. Without photographs, it's difficult to give accurate advice.
    Polyurethane "Brazilian" implants can be very sticky, and they are often utilised for this particular characteristic, for example, in patients who have inferior displacement of their implants. I do not think it matter significantly whether you replace your current implants with smooth, textured, round, or anatomical implants. The important point, after the old implants have been removed and capsulectomy performed if required, is development of an appropriate pocket in the correct plane for the implant to fit correctly so that it can help define the shape of your breasts. How this is done is dictated by your breast anatomy.
    I hope this information is of help.
    Kind regards,Dr Ray GohValley Plastic Surgery