Where to get Leg Shortening?

I was wondering about surgery to shorten legs. How much length can be removed? It sounds silly but I just hate being so tall for a woman, I don't actually have un-even legs. I have been thinking about this for years and definitely want surgery to reduce my height. So I was wondering how much length can be removed, and which places I could get this done? Thanks. (I selected Body Lift as there was no topic choice relating to this)

Miss Doe June 21st, 2016 Australia

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    Dr. Raymond Goh

    Raymond Goh

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    Plastic Surgeon
    Queensland, Australia

    Hi Miss Doe.
    I understand that you have concerns about been too tall, even though tallness is more-often-than-not a highly desired and sought after physical trait. Unfortunately, leg shortening procedures are not common practice anywhere in the world. Bone shortening in theory would entail significant morbidity, and could potentially result in undesired effects on the surrounding lower limb soft tissue. 
    Kind regards,Dr Ray GohValley Plastic Surgery