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I am considering a breast reduction from a 34F to 34C. My breasts are very heavy and droopy and so the surgeon said he would lift them at the same time. Is it possibly to use the breast tissue from the bottom of the breast which is being removed and locate it in the upper pole to give fullness back to the top of the breasts. Thanks

quicksilverdas June 22nd, 2016 WA

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    Dr. Raymond Goh

    Raymond Goh

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    Hi. Thanks for your question about heavy and droopy breasts.
    A breast reduction will address both of your concerns. The procedure reduces the size of your breasts by removing tissue (which will help with the heaviness), and improves the shape of your breasts by elevating the position of the nipple and tightening the lower breast tissue. The amount of tissue removed or shifted will depend on what size you are aiming to achieve. Most breast reduction techniques will shift/tighten some of the lower breast tissue in order to provide a little more fullness to the top; however, a breast reduction will never be able to give you the perky appearance that implants in a non-droopy breast will achieve. It is important for you to understand this limitation.
    I hope this information helps.
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