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Totally devastated! My self esteem is now much lower than before.. Due to medical reasons I went with the safer option. Now I'm not so sure..I was wanting to reduce the weigh of them and believed I would also achieve a bit more lift in my left due to more been taken out.. I'm wasn't expecting them to be even but overly all not so noticeable.. Am I'm too impatient or do I reason to be very concerned. Looking at the before and after images of this same procedure from the Clinic even on ladies my size now leaves me with a lot of questions.Yes, I've been told it will take months to see final results but I'm having a hard time due to the increase asymmetry of my left boob.. Will it improve? Do I wait and get a revision done in a few months with the same DR or look at finding another surgeon?  If I end up with no improvement, what are my rights. Thank you for reading..

Jen069 June 20th, 2015 QLD

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     Robert Drielsma

    Robert Drielsma

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    Thanks for your question and photographs Jen.  Many months have now passed since your procedure and I hope you have achieved the results you were hoping for.  It's not clear from your description exactly which procedure you had performed.  If it was liposuction then it's unlikely you would have seen much further improvement in your results.  Liposuction is useful for removing small pockets of fat, it's not possible to achieve any lift from liposuction alone.  While a degree of asymmetry is normal this has been accentuated by your procedure.  Based on your pre op photographs you required a breast lift procedure.  Arrange a consultation with a fully qualified plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns and options for revision surgery within your health limitations.