Massaging textured silicone unders?

I am 4 wks PO. I was told at 2 weeks by surgeon to start massaging ' press downwards with 1 hand & roll breast upwards with other hand' . Everything online saying NO. What do I do? Listen to my surgeon or 99% of the surgeons online that say "no"? I have had a rocky recovery & yesterday I had a wonderful day. Today I am in pain today and incredibly swollen again. I am ready to really cry. What if I somehow damaged my implants by starting to massage at 2 weeks?

Jackattack July 20th, 2016 QLD

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    Dr. Raymond Goh

    Raymond Goh

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    Plastic Surgeon
    Queensland, Australia

    Hi Jackattack.
    Thank you for posting your question. I am sorry that you are getting confused over the issue of massaging post breast augmentation. It is true that some surgeons may routinely encourage massaging post breast implant surgery whilst many do not, including myself. It is important that your surgeon has communicated to you any reasoning behind massaging. If there is an established clinical reason to continue massaging, it certainly should not be painful or cause excessive swelling. Do not worry about damaging the implants. Silicone breast implants from reputable companies are made very tough.
    I would continue regular follow up with your surgeon and voice any concerns that you may have.
    All the best in your recovery. 
    Dr Ray GohValley Plastic Surgery