Seeking advice/options on revision breast augumtation.

Not happy with the Symatry attempt. The left boob feels low and feels like it's getting lower 8 months post op. The left was the bigger one before surgery. A one size bigger implant was put in the right one. This did not make much difference at all. Left 330, right 360 moderate.

Jacqueo7 July 2nd, 2015 NSW

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     Ellis Choy

    Ellis Choy

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    I think it'll be best to return to your surgeon for further advice. Breast asymmetry correction can be a complex procedure to get right, not to say to get an ideal "perfect" result.
    Without seeing how severe your pre-operative breast asymmetry was, it's difficult to ascertain the quality of the overall surgical outcome. It'll also relate to the original consultation that you had with the surgeon especially with regards to the relevant expectations & limitations being discussed & agreed. 
    It is not uncommon however for implants to "drop" over time but they should behave in similar way on both sides. There could have been some specific differential surgical manoeuvre utilised to help correct the original breast asymmetry. Proper breast asymmetry correction isn't just about correcting size discrepancy, but also about restoring and optimising any excessive differences in terms of both shape and important anatomical landmarks that relate to the overall breast dimensions & profile you desire. This could also include favourable positioning of both nipple-areolar complex and scar placement with or without appropriate adjustment of the breast infra-mammary fold. 
    I hope your original surgeon will be able to advice you regarding suitable options of any further breast revision procedure as required. 
    Best wishes
    Dr Ellis Choy