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Is the anchor technique the most commonly used when surgeons are working with little breast tissue, older client (57) etc Are there any photos available that would give me an idea of scarring in the long term please?I am scheduled for implant removal with what I think is termed an anchor breast lift. I appreciate each patient is different but can this procedure result in the formation of reasonably shaped breasts, albeit small for someone in my situation, a slight build having only been a AA before implanting to a C?  I am scared I could be all scars and no breasts. I am being explanted because of ongoing very poor health so having more implants isn't an option at this time. Thank you Dr Goh for replying to my previous question 

SLee August 9th, 2016 QLD

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    Dr. Raymond Goh

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    Hi Slee.
    You are most welcomed. 
    There are certain trade-offs that patients will have to accept in removal of implants + mastopexy. If you started off with very little breast tissue pre-augmentation, it is likely that you will have little or even less tissue after removal of the implants, removal/tightening of excess skin and breast tissue, and repositioning of your nipple. If after the procedure, you feel that you are too flat-chested, you are not precluded from having implants put in at a later date. 
    Your surgeon should be able to show you examples of scars after mastopexies. In the majority of cases where there is a moderate to significant degree of ptosis (droopy tissue) present, an inverted T (anchor) scar is necessary to remove all the resultant lax tissue and give a good breast shape. This scar will usually fade away quite inconspicuously over time. 
    You should ask your surgeon any questions that may come to your mind, and be confident and assured leading up to the surgery. 
    All the very best.
    Dr Ray GohValley Plastic Surgery