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Hello I am 26 have breast fed two children, no more kids and wanting fullness back in breasts. I'm currently a 12 c wanting a dd. I just really don't want th scars from a lift and have had a few consults that have said I am borderline lift. Could I get away with a big implant no lift ?

sammay September 1st, 2016 QLD

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    Dr. Raymond Goh

    Raymond Goh

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    Hi Sammay.
    Thank you for posting your photos and questions.
    Looking at your photos, I believe that if you have implants alone, you are at very high risk of early recurrent ptosis, where the native breast tissue droops over the implant. If you are ok with the restoration of volume but less-than-ideal shape of the breasts, then implants alone may be considered. You can always return secondarily to perform a lift procedure if you are dissatisfied with the eventual breast shape. Doing a breast lift secondarily may also produce a more predictable result. 
    The other option is obviously an implant with a lift (mastopexy); however, as you know, this comes at the expense of scarring. Most scars will fade away in time though.
    Weighing up the pros and cons and deciding on the best procedure to achieve your desired goals is all part of the consultation process. A thorough assessment and good communication with your surgeon will ensure the right procedure is chosen for your particular situation.
    All the very best.
    Dr Ray GohValley Plastic Surgery