How find the best/top platic surgeons in sydney - 2 procedures

Hi, Im brand new to this forum and would be very great full for any and all help i can recieve. Im sure this question has been asked many times but im asking so i can get the best and most current answer. I was wondering how to find and choose the best quality plastic surgeon or surgeons in sydney, nsw. Apart from word of mouth (i dont actually have any people close to me to ask), reading thousands of reviews on line and of course having multiple consultations before deciding on who to choose, are there any kind of government specialist ranking information available? Also are there any government or specialist award programs that are awarded to practices, like awards that are given to best small businesses, best insurance company of the year ect? Im currently 54 kilos and have always been thin and have 2 problem areas. I have over the last couple years developed substantial "love handles" that no amount of dieting, exercise (every kind available) that will make even a small difference. I think after i turned 21 my body shape changed from being properly preportioned to what i refer to as getting "birthing hips" lol which is very unhelpful as i do not plan on having children. And yes i know in the way of life problems this is a very small and unimportant problem but still it is a problem that makes me uncomfortable with my body, as my waist is very small and even buying clothes that fit properly has become very difficult ( i also have no "bum" so i cant rock the curvey look) and tho i am a size 8 because of my hips in the wrong outfit i can look 2 sizes bigger. My second issue is i would like to fix is the extra arm skin or migrated breat tissue i have that has made it impossible to find a good fitting bra. Im not sure what the best was is to describe it, i think people say "armpit fat" or "armpit skin creases"? Sorry for the long comment, all help will be very much appreciated. Blue

September 6th, 2016 NSW

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