Breast lift question

I been getting a few quotes and I'm kinda feel defeated that I'm not going to get away with having the scars that come with getting a lift. Do I have any other options?? My breasts were done 13years ago in Thailand over muscle. Thu arm pit. I'm quite upset with the prospect of having the anchor scar.

Feegee December 9th, 2016 QLD

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    Dr. Raymond Goh

    Raymond Goh

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    Plastic Surgeon
    Queensland, Australia

    Hi FEEGEE.
    Thank you for posting your questions and photos.

    What is it that you are wishing to achieve? A change in size? An improvement in the shape of your breasts? Or both? The photos show a degree of ptosis (droopiness) to your breasts. In order to improve the overall shape of your breasts (tightness of breast tissue, and position of nipple), I think that the only option you have is a mastopexy, which will likely involve an anchor scar. Keep in mind that although the scars will still be visible, over time, they usually fade away to become quite inconspicuous.
    All the very best.
    Dr Ray GohValley Plastic Surgery