What bra size will I end up being? 350cc XHP Wide Brazilian Teardrops

Before I went into surgery I had high expectations of getting 385cc wide Brazilian Teardrops. When I went for my consultation I found out that one my breast is partially tuberous which then put me in a restriction zone of only being able to go 350cc XHP wide Brazilian Teardrops Dual Plane as double bubble could occur if I went any bigger. I'm quite devastated being that I paid $8100 and I feel like I'm not going to be as big as I would have liked. My pre op bra size is 10A does anyone know what bra size I would likely go up to? I was hoping to be a D/DD. With this being said, I know it's only early and it might take some time to tell but how long before Brazilian teardrops will fluff and drop. Mine are currently very high, tight and pointy. Please tell me they change! I was really hoping for a really nice natural teardrop end result x

Nealey August 20th, 2015 QLD

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