Will I be able to achieve a D cup size?

My surgery is next month, and I'm worried that the implant I've chosen, round moderate profile 285cc, won't get me to the cup size I want. I am between a 10A/10B. I want to end up with a D cup size. Should I get another consultation and see what my options are? I am more than prepared to recreate a new breast fold to achieve the size and look I'm going for. I have attached a few photos of my vectra imaging.

EmmaG1993 March 11th, 2017 QLD

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    Dr. Raymond Goh

    Raymond Goh

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    Hi EmmaG1993.
    Cup size can be quite variable, depending on the size/shape of your breasts as well as your chest, and should not be the ONLY outcome factor when working out the type and size of breast implants you're going to have. For example, a similar volume of breast tissue in two persons with different body types and builds can equate to different cup sizes. Remember also that computer imaging can only provide an approximate indication, and cannot guarantee direct correlation with eventual results. 
    The important factors in assessing and determining the type and size of breast implants that is right for you are your breast dimensions and the volume you are desiring. I find it helpful for the patient to "try" on different implant sizes under the bra to get an approximate feel of what volume they are happy with. Sure, one can accommodate a larger dimension implant by lowering the inframammary fold; however, you must remember that lowering the inframammary fold does carry its risks, including implant displacement or "bottoming out".
    If you are unsure or anxious, I would suggest that you consult with your surgeon to discuss further and to clarify plans.
    All the best.
    Dr Ray GohValley Plastic Surgery