Is it possible to give an approximate price for a Tummy Tuck?

I have a hernia and my stomach looks like I am pregnant.

Larjak May 5th, 2015 ACT

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     Robert Drielsma

    Robert Drielsma

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    Thanks for your question. It's been eight months since you posted your question...did you decide to have tummy tuck surgery or a hernia repair?  I thought I would take the time to address your question for any others who may be in a similar situation.  Hernia repair and tummy surgery are two very different procedures.  If your hernia is large and causing your tummy to look swollen then you need a hernia repair.  If you have had children and have excess skin and fat and a separated abdominal muscle that is causing you to look pregnant then you would benefit from a tummy tuck combined with a hernia repair to achieve a rejuvenated tummy.  Costs vary widely depending on the skills and experience of your surgeon.