Breastfeeding with implants

Hi, I had breast implants put in 2 years ago and I am currently experiences problems breastfeeding my 4.5 month old son. I think I have capsule formation in my right breast. I went to see my GP who said it looked like I had mastitis but with no Fever symptoms or pain whilst feeding I am thinking it is implant related not a blocked milk duct. The breast is rock hard and deformed in shape. I am not too sure what to feel for because I think I am mistaking the implant for lumps. If it is capsule contraction and I have them removed will I still be able to Breastfeed after surgery? I had planned to get them taken out and redone after breastfeeding my son. I am currently taking antibiotics . PLEASE HELP

nikkifox September 4th, 2015 VIC

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     Ellis Choy

    Ellis Choy

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    Hi there,
    I think most likely you're having some form of mastitis related to your breastfeeding. Induration or hardening in breast tissues are common in the event of mastitis and I think your current management plan with your GP is quite appropriate in relation to maintaining an adequate drainage of your milk with antibiotic coverage to keep your infection risk low, especially in the setting of previous breast implant surgery.
    It's difficult to advise you whether there is any degree of capsular contracture without a proper clinical assessment. It'll be best to return to your original surgeon to seek further advice. There will always be possibility of interference with your ability to breast feed when it comes to any form of breast implant revision procedures. Your surgeon should be able to advise you further on that too.
    Hope that helps.
    Best wishes
    Ellis Choy