Best surgeon to do a Rhinoplasty in QLD please help!!

I’m wanting to get a rhinoplasty as my nose is crooked and out of proportion to my face.

August 15th, 2018 QLD

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     Peter Callan

    Peter Callan

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    Hi thereOn this forum you are unlikely to get an answer to that question directly! The reason is we are respectful of our colleagues and we don't always know who is the absolute best. As long as the person is a specialist plastic surgeon or specialist otolaryngologist you have started with the right groups.So what should you look for within those specialists?Rhinoplasty is the most rewarding but also one of the most demanding of operations.  So you need to see someone who makes rhinoplasty one of their main pursuits.  You need to see photos of befores and afters and be comfortable with that surgeon, and confident in their ability to do rhinoplasty.While cost can be an issue remember that the best rhinoplasty is when you only have it done once. Because of its difficulty, rhinoplasty can have high revision rate, especially if you do not choose wisely. Even the best need to revise on occasion.I hope this helps.