Bony sternum following breast implants

I had breast augmentation with mini motiva implants under the muscle in May. Once my swelling went away I noticed my sternum was a little bony. Now I have been eating well and excercising and lost 4kg and it is quite bony and I feel self conscious about it I had been looking forward to summer and being able to wear lower cut tops but now I want to hide my sternum. Is there anything that can be done to get rid of this bony look? Is it a tell tale sign I have had a BA?

Watergirl November 14th, 2018 NSW

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     Jeremy Hunt

    Jeremy Hunt

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    The solution to camouflaging the bony prominence of the sternum/breast bone, is soft tissue coverage. If you do not have enough coverage as is the case, and are not in a position to put weight on, then the best option would be fat grafting.This is a surgical procedure that would transfer fat from elsewhere on the body to the breast bone are , and " cover " the prominent boneThis can be discussed with your surgeon as an option
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    Jeremy Hunt