Uneven Breasts 9 Months Post Op

Hi im looking for some advice / opinion I am 9 months post op. I had some assymetry pre op however my surgeon says it was insignificant. I had 380cc xhp rounds put in. Since surgery i have had quite a difference between the two but at 9 months i feel the assymetry is at its worst. My surgeon put me on singulair two and a bit months ago as he believes i had a tight capsule in my left and that the singulair could possibly help. I have a few weeks left on the singulair and then he wants me to stop and observe for 6 months. He has told me that the assymetry can stretch out over time to even them up but is for difficult with a tight capsule. I understand all that he is saying and I am aware that i was told it can be 6 - 12 months for final results so at 9 months im not quite there yet. My question is does this sound right to you, what are your thoughts on what the issue could be and what would you recommend if your client presented with this at 9 months po?

Jaz September 12th, 2015 Australia

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    Dr. Alex Phoon

    Alex Phoon

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    Hi Jasmine,
    Thanks for the posting and the question. It's hard to give you completely accurate information without seeing where you were starting from but from the images you posted the left side just looks smaller than the right (that is YOUR left side and not the one in the photo). Both sides independently look good on their own but together you can see the difference from the photo you have provided.
    This can happen if you have some underlying breast asymmetry before the procedure and get the same implant  on both sides. That being said, all breasts are asymmetrical and the issue is whether you would like to have something done about it. 
    Assuming all the swelling has gone down I suspect that singulair will have a minimal response if anything at all. The easiest way to address the asymmetry would be to go up in size on the left side.
    Hope this helps,