Medicare rebate?

I'm after some answers on a medicare rebate. I've been told that if my nipple are lower than the crease under my boob that I could be eligible for this rebate. Can some one please help me with this so I understand as.

lisaH September 23rd, 2015 VIC

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     Peter Callan

    Peter Callan

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    Plastic Surgeon
    Victoria, Australia

    Hi there. There are some Medicare criteria that you must have to qualify.

    The nipple must be below the infra-mammary fold, and it must be not less than 1 year, and not more than 7 years after the end of the most recent pregnancy. 

    This may qualify you for a breast lift, but speak to your surgeon.  The situation can change and you should also speak to your health fund if applicable.

    I hope this helps.