Tuberous Breasts with Wide Gap - BA options

I have been advised that I have tuberous breasts with a wide gap. I am wondering what my options for correcting this are. I was planning on travelling to Thailand for a BA next year, however am now unsure about what to do as the surgeon feedback received so far included one that advised there was no guarantee I would be happy with the results (I wasn't quite sure how to take that amidst how I am already feeling about my breasts!). I wasn't seeking a large breast size - rather something to fill a cup size "nicely", to give me some feminine definition and potentially narrow this gap. What are my options to achieve this? I am feeling a little deflated about the feedback however very open to any other opinions/guidance. I am 39, 165cm, 48kg (small frame) and currently a 10A (do not fill this cup size). Many thanks in advance.

T-star September 30th, 2015 QLD

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     Ellis Choy

    Ellis Choy

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    Hi there,
    Breast augmentation alone for tuberous breast correction can be difficult to judge based purely on photos supplied. I don't think any surgeon will be prepared to "guarantee" an ideal surgical outcome without a proper clinical assessment. While your desire for the projected surgical result seems to be a reasonable expectation, the associated tradeoffs & limitations in different techniques can be hard to evaluate without knowing the degree of your breast tissue quality & laxity.
    However, it does appear there is good possibility that you could still achieve a very elegant natural looking result provided you appreciate all potential tradeoffs especially with regards to less favourable nipple positions vs risk of double breast contour in the lower pole should your breast fold needs to be lowered to accommodate a decent size implant to "fill" the breast pocket. 
    I would really recommend you to have a proper consultation with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon in person before making any definitive decision for your breast enhancement procedure.
    Hope that helps.
    Best wishes
    Ellis Choy