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I am booked in to see a surgeon in Brisbane next week I was going to get Brazilian implants for their better rate on preventing capsular contraction, my surgeon called me yesterday to say he has run out of stock and I will more than likely not be able to get them. So I'm looking at a textured implant my breasts are deflated and have sag, after having 2 kids I'm 31 and should not need a lift using dual plane technique, my surgeon suggested I post pone for 2-3 months but I'm flying from cairns and this will cost me money loosing money in flights... I'm worried I'm going to make the wrong decision not waiting on the Brazilians but I really just want my augmentation done. Should I be worried going with textured implants instead?

MelR11 October 7th, 2015 QLD

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    Dr. Justin Perron

    Justin Perron

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    Hi there,
    Recently there have been issues with the Silimed implants:

    They've all been recalled over concerns of contamination, and it is unknown when they will be available. 
    Capsular contracture occurs for a number of reasons. This can be due to haematoma or a small collection of blood, infection, scarring and implant rupture amongst other reasons. While the polyurethane implants do help to prevent this complication, there are other ways and techniques that will reduce the risk of capsular contracture. Best to talk to your surgeon about the other options available.
    Polyurethane implants carry risks that other implants do not have due to the coating. Using a textured implant with appropriate techniques should have a very low rate of capsular contracture. I prefer non-polyurethane implants for several reasons, and can discuss these topics with you.