post op BA one week getting married months.

A bit of an odd question but I'm one week post op (today) from a BA and crescent lift (400cc)....... Now I'm getting married in March and have already purchased my wedding dress and was wondering when I should consider taking my dress to an alterations professional... a) to see if will actually fit and b) to see if we can make modifications to it. I purchased this dress prior to even considering having a BA so honestly do not want to have to purchase another one as it's well suited to our theme etc. I'm 5"2 49 kilos and have gone from a 10b to 400cc high profile implant. I know is extremely early to know what will happen and how they will D&F but given that I is to order my dress in which took 6 months I may have to reconsider the process of looking for another dress on the off chance it simply won't fit.

stace19 October 13th, 2015 VIC

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     Ellis Choy

    Ellis Choy

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    Hi there,
    Congratulations on your upcoming Wedding! Congratulations also on your breast enhancement procedure so far! 
    It generally takes around 6 weeks post op for the final shape & size to eventuate after any form of breast implant procedure. I usually advise my patients to start bra shopping at that time frame in order to get the most appropriate sizing from a more long term perspective. 
    Wedding dress could be a bit different as it relates to the particular style and look that you would like to achieve on your very special day! That's why for my bridal patients, I recommend surgery ideally to be completed at least 6-9 months before the actual Wedding day in order to allow enough time for suitable fitting for the Wedding dress. Similar to your breast surgery, you like your Wedding to be PREFECT! It seems that you probably had quite a significant enlargement with reference to your height & weight, you may want to get an opinion early from your taylor regarding possibility of likely alteration of your Wedding dress! 
    Hope that helps.
    Best wishes 
    Ellis Choy