Recommended surgeons for BBL and Lipo in Melbourne

Hello, I'm looking to undergo BBL and Liposuction here in Melbourne and seeking recommendations on accredited surgeons who are experienced in performing these procedures. I'm keen to ensure that the surgeons I proceed with has good expertise and experience with BBL and from my research do far it seems this is less readily listed by surgeon's as an available procedure. Professional advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

SeekingSexyCurves November 19th, 2015 VIC

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    Mr Kourosh Tavakoli

    Kourosh Tavakoli

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    Plastic Surgeon
    New South Wales, Australia

    Dear SeekingSexyCurves,

    The surgical technique that I use to create a desirable outcome from buttock augmentation surgery involves fat grafting from unwanted areas on the body, cleaning the fat and injecting into the buttock area to create a fuller, smoother and more rounded shape.

    Fat transfer has become a trusted procedure worldwide due to its compatibility with the body and minimal risks and complications, also providing an additional benefit of stem cell skin rejuvenation.

    An added benefit of using the fat grafting technique combined with liposuction surgery provides the patient with a more contoured outcome.

    My best advice is that you are at a healthy, maintainable weight before undergoing a consultation. I encourage my slimmer patients to gain a few extra kilo’s so that I can assess the areas of viable fat during the consultation and make sure you are a suitable candidate.

    You are more than welcome to proceed with an online consultation for further assessment and advice as to whether you are a suitable candidate for buttock augmentation. These links are found on my website, along with further information in regards to this procedure;

    Kind Regards,

    Dr Tavakoli