Will I be needing a revision?

I had full Abdominoplasty with muscle repair 6 months ago. I was/am at healthy weight range with a BMI of 22, dress size 8/10. My issue was mostly due to 3 pregnancies resulting in protruding stomach regardless of fitness level or diet. (I am in my mid 40s now and very fit and healthy). For months following the surgery I continued to look round and swollen and now even though swelling has subsided I still have a pregnant looking stomach most of the time. Additionally the scar is very high and crooked, much more so than surgeon advised. One side of the stomach sits out further than the other so the entire look is very much less than ideal. I have emailed my surgeon with these concerns to be told its swelling and will resolve. I feel uncomfortable contacting him again and have decided to wait until my next appointment to express my concerns. Does it sound as though I may require revision and if so can the revision lower the scar, which currently sits about 3cm above panty or bikini line, and what would the cause of the round protruding stomach be? Thank you.

CittyCat December 10th, 2015 Australia

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