Petite with Broad Shoulders - Tear Drop or Round

I am looking at having BA early 2016, I'm quite athletic with broad shoulders but would be classed as Petite. Would teardrop or round be better suited? I don't want to look too heavy. Thank you :)

ARI-GOLD December 17th, 2015 VIC

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    Mr Kourosh Tavakoli

    Kourosh Tavakoli

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    Plastic Surgeon
    New South Wales, Australia

    Dear Ari-Gold,

    Without photos it is difficult for me to assess your structure and therefore advise the most suitable implant shape for the natural result you desire.

    Assuming you are a suitable candidate for a breast augmentation, I would advise Mentor anatomical implants to create natural upper and lower pole fullness on a petite frame.

    If you would like to proceed with an assessment, please use the following link to proceed with a confidential online consultation;

    Kind Regards,
    Dr Tavakoli