Alar base reduction/hanging columella/more definition.

I had a rhinoplasty 6 years ago to change the shape of my nose from the side. The surgeon also took some cartilage from the tip. In doing this it has accentuated a problem I had before (which was not noticeable before) where one of my nostrils now looks slightly flared up. I was told that an alar base reduction could be used to pull it down? I also feel that I have a hanging columella and what I would like to know is what can be done to correct both these issues and how complicated it would be to fix? I am scared about a revision if it will be another big operation but I also want it fixed as it holds me back in life and I think about it every day. My last question is about the definition of my nose, I feel like my nose has now lost the nice thin definition it used to have and looks flat from the front. is it possible to create definition in a nose that has already been operated on? Is this another big operation? Thanks in advance :-)

taurus January 1st, 2016 New Zealand

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