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 Alan Breidahl

Alan Breidahl

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Patient review

melbhousewife 30/05/2024

Breast Augmentation

I have found Alan Breidahl to be not only warm but extremely trustworthy. He is a very experienced Surgeon and very knowledgeable. He came highly recommended by two GP's when I asked for a referral. He has performed two procedures on myself and two procedures on my family members who were referred by myself. I am SO THRILLED with the results, and I will see him again in the future in I feel the need for any other procedures. One of my procedures was a Breast Augmentation. I did a lot of keyboard research (watched a lot of YouTube videos) and it looked like a pretty traumatic operation. I was prepared for the worst and made sure I washed my hair before the op as everyone online was saying things like they didn't get off the couch in pain for two weeks or I couldn't wash my hair (lift my arms) for over two weeks etc. So I was ready.....!!! The procedure was set in the excellent Linacre Private Hospital, and went without any hiccups. I was surprised at the lack of pain and my level of comfort. The staff were excellent. I was up and about, showered, dressed myself, stayed overnight, went home the next morning to my children. I carried on as normal, just careful not to exercise or lift anything heavy for three weeks. I was back to work in a week, back to my exercising on the 3 week mark. The pain relief at home and in hospital for only Panadeine Forte, and that was enough. I was very surprised how great they looked right from the start. I experienced mild swelling (normal for shoving a foreign object inside the body!) And I saw Dr Breidahl for one week check up and 6 week check up all without issues. Scars are tiny and neat. My boobs are fantastic and I cannot stop looking at them at every available opportunity!! I would refer Dr Briedahl to anyone, he is welcoming, very thorough, explains everything in detail and answered my trivial (nervous) questions. Thanks Alan 10/10