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New horizon 21/06/2016

Mummy Makeover

I am a 41 year old mother of three. My second pregnancy turned out to be twin boys - and I count myself as very fortunate to have my boys :) - however that pregnancy changed my body irreversibly! The skin on my tummy bothered me the most - it was crepey and wrinkly, I called it my 'old lady' tummy - and no amount of exercise or weight loss would resolve it. I also had a droopy navel which I hated. As for my breasts - I breast fed all my children - they were a really deflated, and fairly droopy B cup with not much breast tissue. I researched plastic surgery options (breast augmentation and tummy tuck) for a couple of years, and had consultations with a number of surgeons before discovering Dr Alex Phoon from Park Clinic Plastic Surgery in Sydney. I first read about Alex in Vogue magazine and then I looked up his work online and on the Park Clinic Facebook page. I was totally won over by his technique with tummy tucks and particularly neat, small belly navels - my own navel bothered me a lot. I had given up wearing bikinis since I had my boys as I felt too self conscious, and I was quite disappointed about that. Alex put me at ease and inspired my trust when I met him in early 2016. I decided to take the plunge - and booked in for surgery and went ahead with a breast augmentation and tummy tuck with Dr Alex at the East Sydney Private Hospital in June 2016. I found the recovery from the breast surgery very straight forward and although I was a bit sore for a week or two it was not too bad at all. I have to admit that the recovery from the tummy tuck recovery was quite tough for me - I recommend at least a month off work after that...but four months on most importantly I am so very, very pleased with the results! It's a big improvement and I think where my body is concerned I have turned back the clock to my pre-baby years, and with my breasts they are better than they ever were naturally! I am now a DD cup, my breasts are totally in proportion to my body shape, pert and full, and with a lovely natural shape and curve. In my consult I was clear with Dr Alex that I wanted any change to be natural looking. My tummy is flat, with a nice neat belly button and no more crepey skin! Of course there is a low, neat hip to hip scar - totally hidden by a small pair of underwear or bikini briefs. I am very happy and pleased with the results - and very excited about wearing a bikini this summer! :)