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Dr. Alex Phoon

Alex Phoon

  • Clinic 423
  • Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia
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Patient review

courtneyzerafa 28/10/2016

Breast Augmentation

I'd been considering a breast augmentation for over 2 years. It was something I really wanted and something I'd been thoroughly researching. Yet, even all that research couldn't prepare me for how life-changing the surgery is. It is one of my best decisions to date, and I can't thank Dr Alex Phoon enough. The whole process was made so much easier with the professional and humble demeanour of Alex. I felt comfortable instantly, and was reassured by the magnitude of his qualifications. The entire process was thoroughly discussed, and the 3D imaging added the extra detail that allowed me to literally see what the final result would look like - something that helped me feel completely assured that I was making the right decision. And the final result - I can now wear all the dresses I never felt comfortable in and go bra shopping without dread. My breasts look and feel natural. Walking into Park Clinic the first time I barely fit into an A Cup, now I'm a full C. The exact size I was hoping for. The recovery was far from painful, and at most I felt slight discomfort. My scars sit underneath my breasts and are slowly becoming barely noticeable. The scars themselves weren't large at all. I am so glad and thankful for Dr Alex Phoon and the whole team at Park Clinic. All of my questions were instantly answered, and at no point did I feel anxious about the procedure. I couldn't recommend Dr Alex Phoon enough.