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Dr. Alex Phoon

Alex Phoon

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  • Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia
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Patient review

Nderegowski 14/07/2017

Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Body Lift

Look no further than Dr Phoon. I cannot recommend him highly enough. A talented Dr and nothing short of an artist and and overall great guy. The results we have achieved have exceeded any expectations i had. He has changed my life! I had a belt lipectomy - think tummy tuck but all the way around -360, breast lift and augmentation after losing 60 kgs. I had so much excess skin and my breasts had lost firmness and shape. Meeting with Dr Phoon i felt like he looked at me as an individual and recommended a combination of procedures that would have the greatest impact to my overall look without risking my health. He takes his time to get to know you and what you are after, he instantly sets your mind at ease . I went in thinking i needed one thing but what i got was so much better. I had no complications post surgery, my scar is really neat (very very important)and i have seen Dr Phoon a few times post surgery and he is always there with a huge smile on his face giving me all the time i need to answer my questions. I have a couple more procedures id like to do with Dr Phoon. Park Clinic is a professional and friendly clinic - you will be well looked after pre, during and post surgery. P.S The photos above were quite early on in my recovery with quite a bit of swelling - some mornings i wake up and my stomach is literally as flat as a board! Thanks Dr Phoon