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 Andrew Greensmith

Andrew Greensmith

  • Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery
  • Malvern, Victoria, Australia
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Patient review

Sarahwantsboobies2017 22/06/2017

Breast Augmentation

I am currently 9 days post op and I could not be happier! All the staff are wonderful and Dr Greensmith really knows what he is doing. I had 350cc UHP Eurosilicone round implants with a dual plane pocket. BWD is 11cm and projection is 5.1cm. I was traveling from out of town to have my surgery so had a skype consultation with Dr Greensmith. I had done a lot of research and had a full page of notes to ask. By the end of the consult he had answered all my questions before I asked. I had my sizing consultation the day before my surgery. He was very good at picking the implant size. He said to me: now I am picking out some sizers. some that I think are too small some that are the right size and some far too big. I want you to try them on and see that you agree with me. I 100% agreed with his choice of sizes, we decided between 325cc and 350cc, and that he would make the final decision on the table. My Anaesthetist was also brilliant on the day. He gave me just the right amount that I was comfortable. I went into surgery just after 7am and was back at my hotel by 11am. I didn't feel groggy, and only felt nauseous when my pain meds were due. Had my drains out the day after my surgery. The nurse that looked after me for that appointment and my 1 week dressing change was absolutely lovely. She counted me down with taking out my drains, and was very nice to me. I am due to head back to Melbourne in august for my 6-8 week follow up appointment. I am so happy with my results so far, even in these early days, and I am so glad I chose Dr Greensmith and his team at Yourbreast Melbourne! To see photos please add me as a gallery friend.