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 Craig Rubinstein

Craig Rubinstein

  • Cosmetic Surgery For Women
  • Hawthorn East, Victoria, Australia
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Patient review


Tummy Tuck

Thank you to Craig Rubinstein for his care, interest and expertise in recreating not only my tummy but my outlook on life. No longer do I hide away in big, baggy clothes, instead I feel like I can wear what I want and look good. What a great feeling! From the moment I walked into Cosmetic Surgery for women and men, I felt welcomed and respected. The girls at the desk were friendly and helpful. I was bit nervous at having decided to go on this journey but my fears were washed away as Craig walked in and began joking. He was professional and informative as well as approachable 'and friendly. All of my questions were answered and I was given a lot of information to think about. I felt supported. It is now nine weeks since my procedure and apart form the usual swelling and tightness, I feel wonderful! The scar is amazing; symmetrical and low and healing really well. A big thank you to Felicity who visited me in hospital every day to see how I was going post recovery. I would be extremely happy to recommend Craig and his wonderful team to anyone who isn't happy with their tummy.