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 Craig Rubinstein

Craig Rubinstein

  • Cosmetic Surgery For Women
  • Hawthorn East, Victoria, Australia
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Craig Rubinstein was recommended by a friend of mine who had breast augmentation and a tummy tuck 16 years ago with him and had been very happy with her results. I went for a consultation with him because I was concerned with the age and type of implant I had put in at the same time but with a different surgeon who had since retired. Dr Rubinstein was very thorough in his consultation and helped me to make a really informed decision. I had a mammogram, ultra sound and MRI as I wanted to check for breast cancer before removing and replacing my implants which were slightly textured. Fortunately everything was fine and the implants hadn't ruptured. Craig then provided me with the options, realistic expectations and I decided to go ahead with removal and replacement of my implants to a slightly smaller size and non textured implants with a higher profile. I am delighted with the results. I went in for an early morning surgery, spent the day in recovery and went home by 6pm. A few days in bed, but i was fine to walk around slowly and pretty much pain free. I didn't have to have draining tubes or anything. I took two weeks off work, more because my thinking was a bit vague and I didn't want to drive. 6 weeks on I am fully recovered, just got the OK so I can hit the gym again. The implants were inserted using my old scars - about a 4 cm small incision beneath each breast. Scars are healing well. At 49 I initially wasn't sure if I would just remove the implants all together, now that I can see the results, I am pleased that I went ahead with replacement. I even got to see some photos of me without any implants, before they put the new ones in - and I am so glad with my choice. The profile is better than before the replacement, as my breast tissue had dropped and looked quite unnatural before this op. Now they are slightly lifted because of the implant shape and I don't have this bulkiness on the top of my chest that bothered me. The staff were excellent and I simply don't have anything negative to comment on, other than I was a bit disappointed that I was unable to claim anything on medicare or private health insurance because my old implants hadn't ruptured. No rupture is a good thing, however, you would think that because of their age it should be claimable as a preventative medical procedure. But never mind - I'm happy there were no complications and I feel and look great!