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 Craig Rubinstein

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Patient review

Kathryn 01/09/2015

Breast Implant Removal

Nine years ago I had breast augmentation. I had 300cc implants placed sub-pectoral. Within 7 years, a rupture occurred in one implant. My original surgeon replaced both implants. Within two years of the revision surgery another rupture occurred. Although, apprehensive about my decision, I decided I wanted them removed without replacement. My plastic surgeon that I had complete trust and confidence in now concentrated only on facial surgery and no longer worked in the area of breast surgery. He spoke to a colleague, whom he held in high esteem, for advice on my situation. This colleague was Dr Craig Rubinstein, who so kindly offered to take me on as his patient. As my original surgeon was very well renowned in the area of plastic surgery, I knew, whoever he recommended would be an excellent surgeon and I would be in good hands. The moment I met Dr Rubinstein, I immediately felt at ease. He is so welcoming, warm and friendly. His calming disposition and patience removed all my anxiety. As I was apprehensive about my decision, he discussed my options in clear detail. He also took the time to ring me and go through anything I was unsure of. He is a great listener with loads of patience and such a caring attitude. I was nervous the morning of my surgery but the minute I saw him, his compassion, warmth and kindness shone through, and once again made me feel relaxed and confident in my decision. What a nice gesture to awake after surgery to find a beautiful gift of toiletries. Although extremely anxious about my choice of having implants removed without replacement, I am now elated. A difficult decision and not the choice for everyone, but the right decision for me. Aesthetically, I had envisaged the outcome would not be great, however I am REALLY happy with the results. I love having the “weight off my chest “ and being able to sleep on my stomach again. My implants had looked so natural but I am now so happy to be back to my natural self. If you are hesitant about removal, don’t be. Not only does Dr Rubinstein have the most caring bedside manner, he is an amazing surgeon. He did an exceptional job on my breasts and pain was minimal. I cannot end this without mentioning the terrific staff Dr Rubinstein has on his team. The moment you walk into his rooms you are greeted with a smile. I received wonderful care and attention from his nurses, Kate and Hannah. On my post operative visit I felt so welcomed by everyone and was again pleasantly surprised with a beautiful package of gifts. After being so fortunate to have Dr Rubinstein perform my surgery, the upsetting news of a second rupture actually turned into a positive experience with great results. If you are looking for an exceptional, skilled surgeon with compassion, warmth and genuine care for his patients look no further. Dr Rubinstein and his team are wonderful.