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 Craig Rubinstein

Craig Rubinstein

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Patient review

anakin 04/05/2017

Breast Implant Removal

Dr Rubinstein really looked after me for my breast implant removal operation. I have assymetrical breasts (which he said to address later down the track if I want to) and have had health issues so getting them out was a priority for me to feel natural and be healthy. He fully agreed and was supportive of my decision, he even reduced the price to help me out as I had been struggling with things the past few years. His warmth & humour immediately put me at ease, but at the same time, I knew I was in the hands of a professional. He was conservative and logical in his approach. The original surgeon who put them in (who I was going to get to remove them) said he would take them out, with the capsule and do a lift all at the same time, and warned me it was traumatic for my breasts and also asked if I had concidered ever showing my breasts to a man again!) I was horrified, hence why I looked elsewhere. So being quite vulnerable, Dr Craig put my mind at ease by saying he would remove them, NOT the capsule and would address any lift/ assymetry issues LATER if needed. It made sense to me that it take a while for the breast skin to shrink and settle down after surgery so made no sense to reshape them during the initial surgery. Dr Rubinstein was thorough during my initial visit, said take my time to decide, there is no rush, but I booked straight away as it felt right. I was quite scared going in and he made me feel at ease again, visited me after surgery and at the end of the day. Kate came the next day with a little bag of things including bras, and homeopathics for post surgery, and probiotics. To me this stuff really matters and shows someone cares. I went back I think in 2 weeks when they took off the tape, gave me some free bras, had a nice chat and also gave me a voucher for a facial. Everything was included, and they ALWAYS made me feel like they really cared. I am so appreciative of Dr Rubinstein, and the work he does, the culture he has created. Please, anyone thinking of getting a procedure, see Craig first, or at least as someone for an opinion, has he WILL look after you. He is a man who cares more about the patient and his integrity than just booking in surgeries. Thank you sincerely, Dr Rubinstein!