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 Craig Rubinstein

Craig Rubinstein

  • Cosmetic Surgery For Women
  • Hawthorn East, Victoria, Australia
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Patient review


Tummy Tuck Revision

A gentleman, a scholar, and a damn good plastic surgeon! I have been one of Craig's patients for 8 years, I am also a healthcare professional. When I was looking to have and abdominoplasty (appronectomy) after a significant weight loss, I asked around. I was never going to go into this lightly (no pun intended). Months of research, both medical and anecdotal went into my decision making process. I've worked in my field for nearly two decades, however plastics was not my area, so in doing my research I surveyed everyone I came across, from his peer's - fellow surgeon's, anesthetists, GP's, nurses,theatre staff, ward clerks and orderly's. "Who's the best", and the nicest?" (In my experience it's very hard to find an awesome practitioner who is genuine, with great people skills) T'was a resounding result! Craig was THE MAN! Having now been a repeat client for the past 8 years, I could NOT fault him, his staff at the Hawthorn clinic, the hospitals he operates through, their staff and the amazing after care, which I heard is lacking in other practitioners. You can meet a lot of Dr's who will promise you the world, but when push comes to shove they don't deliver, however Craig and his time are genuine, kind and straight up from the word go! When you are with him (them) you truly, and genuinely feel like you are the centre of the universe, and I can smell BS from a mile way, particular as this is my field (medical) and there is none of that! No pressure sales, no baloney, realistic exceptions, great work and most importantly brilliant ongoing after care! When people ask me now who to see, my and only answer is Craig Rubinstien. I did the research, and I will always go back to him. I am continuously happy with his work and all that are associated with him. He once told me "you are my public representative, if you aren't happy and don't look good, and feel great, that reflects on me!" He is no "fly bye nighter" in it for a quick buck, and honestly cares that you look and feel amazing. The rooms are in Hawthorn are spectuaular, I honestly felt a bit overwhelmed when I first went there, but there is no pretense and you don't feel self conscious, as the girls on reception make you feel right at home. Everyone is the same to them, whether you be a celeb, rock star, WAG, stay at home mum or a humble nurse, like myself, we are all treated like princesses. I can not recommend Craig and his team highly enough.