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Patient review

JRob 01/12/2015

Breast Implant Revision

Hi , I've never written on a forum before but I was so impressed by the care and kindness of Dr Craig Rubinstein's, team that I felt I had to let everyone know. I'm a 58 yr old nurse working in Melbourne. I had breast implants done in 1990. (So long long time ago, back when there was all those rumours about them being bad for you). They were beautiful and I wasn't getting them removed. I've had regular breast checks and mammograms especially since I turned 50 yrs old, all was always great. Still a month ago I found a lump and freaked out (forget being the calm rational nurse). I had all the tests; mammograms and MRI and my GP just said the Surgeon will let you know al the results...great! I was sent to Dr Craig Rubinstein in Hawthorn East. I arrived 30 mins early for my appointment carrying tons of x rays, MRI scan with a sick feeling in my tummy. Nothing could have been kinder than the receptionist who despite only having just opened the doors, sat me down, made me a coffee and talked of general things. Dr Rubinstein was fantastic he explained that my breast implants had ruptured due to age and would need replacing. All panic over, I booked the first available appointment and had the surgery at ST V's in Kew. Dr Rubinstein's kind professionalism keeping me informed all through this period was amazing. He is never too busy to answer questions often reassuring you on a point before you've had time to ask it. The results are fantastic. I loved my breasts before and was afraid that they couldn't possibly be as good... I'd say they were better. I've had no pain with the procedure just a bit uncomfortable or tightness this is taken care of by the pain killers provided. They look fantastic. The nurses in his rooms are so gentle that the post op appointment was great. I've even booked in more treatments. SO if you need any advice on removal and replacement I would really recommend Dr Rubinstein and his fantastic team in Hawthorn East.