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Dr. Craig Rubinstein

Craig Rubinstein

  • Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery
  • Hawthorn East, Victoria, Australia
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Patient review


Breast Implant Revision

I had a breast augmentation done by another Melbourne surgeon when I was 19 and I had absolutely hated my chest ever since. Along with the implants being much too big and fake looking, the surgeon had also made my left breast pocket too lateral and too low which made the implant fall into my armpit laying down, as well has having gross nipple asymmetry. I went back to this same surgeon 4 years later to be told it was an exaggeration of my pre-existing anatomy. I went elsewhere for a second opinion, who sided with my belief that the left implant was definitely lower than the right. However, he did not feel surgery was necessary. After 9 years of being incredibly unhappy with my body, my friend referred me to see Mr. Rubinstein, who has literally changed my life. Craig seconded that the implant had “bottomed out” on the left side, and confirmed that the implants were much too large for my body, as well as being the wrong type of implant for a natural look. I originally had 350cc high profile saline implants from the first surgeon. Craig and I discussed that 265cc moderate profile Motiva silicone implants would be best for me… and can I tell you, Craig did such an amazing job! I have such a natural looking result. Being a theatre nurse myself, I know how hard it is to find a surgeon with a lovely bedside manner as well as being a fantastic surgeon. Craig is both of those things. I highly highly highly recommend going to see him.