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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Patient review

PennyM 01/06/2013

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction

When I first met Dr Ellis Choy I was nearing the end of a very personal journey with massive weight loss. I needed to have a few things fixed up so I started with my breasts. I have had the privilege to breast feed three children but with my weight loss my breasts were literally going south so to speak, so it was time to make them smaller and a bit perkier. At my first appointment with Dr Choy, he showed me a series of numerous other women who had the same procedure I was considering and I got to ask lots of questions. He then showed me what he could do to give me the breasts that I always wanted before going through all the potential risks and logistics involved. I made the decision to go ahead with my breast reduction lift and left Dr Choy’s office with a date and a feeling of confidence that I had found the right person to help me in the next stage of my journey. On the day before my surgery I attended Dr Choy’s offices and had marking put on to me outlining the surgical plan and what was going and what was staying. Throughout this process Dr Choy encouraged me to ask questions about anything that I might be unsure about or wanted clarified. I left Dr Choy’s office confident about the surgery and what the outcome would be. Fast-forward ten days after the surgery, I attended Dr Choy’s room and saw his nurse who redressed my wounds and I saw my new breasts properly for the first time. There was a small amount of swelling but not much bruising and I had no pain at all! I left feeling good about the whole process. Throughout this time I felt supported not only from Dr Choy, but his whole team at his Zilver Lining clinic. The outcome for my breast surgery has been a very positive one. I have little to no scaring and a set of breasts that I really like. That is why I have gone back to Dr Choy and had two additional procedures performed.