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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Breast Augmentation

My breast surgery journey started many years ago. I was never truly unhappy with my breasts at a younger age however I always wanted to enhance them. After getting married, falling pregnant and breastfeeding combined with gaining and then subsequently losing 34kgs my breasts were deflated and I no longer loved what I saw in the mirror. This is when I made the decision to have surgery. I found Dr Choy through my own research which I took to my regular GP who gave me a glowing reference for him and then gave me my referral. I felt like I had found a golden ticket in that referral. Later that same day I had booked my consultation with Dr Choy and I was excited. Due to my location I had scheduled a telephone consultation. It was the first phone consultation I’d ever had and was very comfortable in our discussions. I hung up the phone feeling elated! Next step, which I did straight away due to my excitement was to book a face to face consult. Upon meeting Dr Choy personally, I felt so great. It was wonderful to have the same outlook as he did in consideration to my natural breasts and found that during our discussion he had formulated a plan that went along with my own exact specifications on what I had hoped my new breasts would turn out to be. I am now 6 months post op and am in love with the overall result of my breast surgery. The impacts on my confidence has been astounding. I cannot believe that having surgery has had such a dramatic effect on my overall happiness. I have never been so happy and confident. I owe all my gratitude to Dr Choy and his team for helping me in the way they did. I am blessed to have these beautiful new breasts. Thank you Dr Choy for everything, I owe my next uncountable years happiness all to you and I will be forever in your debt for making my dreams come true the way that you did. Thank you to your entire team at Zilverlining for everything.