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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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  • Sydney Northbridge, New South Wales, Australia
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Breast Augmentation

A highly experienced and proficient surgeon is essential for a great breast augmentation outcome. I have always been thin with a small B cup breast. I had considered an augmentation for years but never went beyond researching on the Internet until one day I decided to have an initial consultation with Dr Choy. During the first consultation, Dr Choy gave me a thorough overview of the procedure and answered all the questions that I had at the time. I had many concerns about the risks of surgery as I’ve had somewhat serious medical conditions in the past. Despite my interrogation style of questioning, Dr Choy was very patient and attentive to address all my concerns. One thing I really appreciated about Dr Choy was that he would not sugar-coat the truth to make the surgery superficially attractive. Rather, Dr Choy provided his opinion in an objective, accurate and realistic manner as to what could or could not be achieved or occur after the surgery. I had two further consultations thereafter. During this time, Dr Choy asked me a series of questions to “get into my head” so he knows precisely the result that I was after. Dr Choy also showed numerous photos of other people with a similar frame as myself with a different size of implants. It was extremely helpful for me to ascertain the look that I was after and decide the size of the implant. On the day of surgery, Dr Choy checked with me for the final time whether I am happy with my choice of implant. Once I gave Dr Choy a green light, I was escorted to the operation theatre and all I had to do was to have the best sleep of my life. At all times Dr Choy was conscious and mindful of my previous medical conditions and he exercised a great care to ensure that not only I achieve a good aesthetic outcome but also placed the safety as his first priority. Dr Choy’s assistant, the anaesthetist and the staff members of the private hospital, all of whom Dr Choy engages, were exceptionally kind, caring and professional. I was quite nervous at the hospital prior to surgery, but Dr Choy and his team made the world’s difference and made the whole experience more pleasant and comfortable. The surgery was a great success. I felt uncomfortable and was in a moderate to severe pain for about two weeks post-op. I didn’t have much bruising and my scars have healed well to date. I felt close to normal after about four weeks post-op but I understand that not everyone recovers in the same way or in a set time frame. I now have a full D cup with a natural look. My body looks more in proportion and I feel more confident. Truth be told, I could not be happier with the result. From my experience with Dr Choy, he had always been very professional, caring, honest and, most importantly, highly experienced and